with up to 30% customer satisfaction increased! is a cloud-based transport management system (TMS) with full real-time transparency and monitoring of your customer satisfaction.

Зачем нужна

What is for?

  • Reduce transportation administrative staff costs
  • Reduce demurrage, penalties and litigation disputes
  • Objectively measure and improve the quality of transport operations
  • Keep customer satisfaction under control
  • Ensure continuity of your supply chain or production operations
  • Overtake competitors with high service level

How it works?

  • 01
    The customer creates a request for transportation and sends it to his carrier / forwarder
  • 02
    The freight forwarder makes routing of orders for transportation in order to efficiently load vehicles and receives confirmation of the execution of orders from their carriers
  • 03
    The carrier accepts the application and submits the vehicle
  • 04
    The driver uses his smartphone to check in at the loading or delivery point (if he is in the geolocation zone of the point)
  • 05
    The warehouse or the consignee register the departure of the vehicle from the point, giving stars for transport service
  • 06
    All statistics and KPIs are available to all participants of operations
Why is interesting for retailer or manufacturing company?
  • I quickly send requests to my carriers and ensure their timely confirmation
  • I know if my suppliers are on-time
  • I know if my stores receive the goods on time
  • I know whether the DC loads or unloads on-time
  • I know if the store is satisfied with the quality of transportation and see photos of all problem cases
  • I know the rating and quality level of each of my transport companies
Why is interesting for a freight forwarder?
  • I receive requests for transportation from my clients online
  • I route vehicles to serve these requests efficiently
  • Confirm requests from my carriers in a few minutes
  • I know if my deliveries are on-time and get immediate customer satisfaction level for the shipment
Why is interesting for a transport company?
  • I know if I submitted the vehicle for loading on-time
  • I know if I delivered the cargo on-time
  • I know if my truck was loaded or unloaded on-time
  • I see in what condition the cargo was delivered
  • I know if my customer is satisfied
Why is interesting for warehouse operator?
  • I know which trucks have already arrived to start loading or unloading operations
  • I know how long the truck has been stayed in my warehouse
  • I can make give stars for the quality of the truck submitted
Why is interesting for store?
  • I see which trucks are loaded and are coming to me
  • I can give quality stars to the carrier
Why does the driver need
  • I checked in the program and no longer need to look for someone who will sign a paper for me in case of delays for loading and unloading operations

Advantages of

  • Benefit 1
    No special GPS navigation devices are needed in vehicles, the driver's smartphone is enough.
  • Benefit 2
    Cloud solution that does not require any software installations, complex integration with other systems
  • Benefit 3
    You can track any kind of B2B or B2C transport, intermodal transport, full trucks or small shipments.
  • Benefit 4
    Any industry: retail, industry, FMCG, construction sector, logistics and transport companies, etc.
  • Benefit 5
    Intuitive interfaces that do not require user training.
  • Benefit 6
    All information and KPIs in real time.

What happened after the implementation of at one large retailer:

  • 01
    Part of on-time loadings increased by 20%
  • 02
    Part of on-time deliveries increased by 35%
  • 03
    Store satisfaction level increased from 80% to 98%
  • 04
    Damages decreased by 15%
  • 05
    The integrated quality rating of transport carriers increased to 98%
система тмс цена

How much does it cost?

Free trial period - 1 month. And how much will it cost later?

Price of points
Number of loading / delivery points per month 50 from 100 from 300 from 900 from 3000
Price of one point, rub. 25 22 20 18 17
Price of users
Number of users in active status 10 from 50 from 100 from 500 from 1000
The cost of one user in any role except the driver (no matter of active status time during the month), rub. per month 250 200 150 100 75
If you have a huge volume of transactions, please write to us, and we will provide extremely interesting conditions!

About us

The transport operations management service was developed by Glarus Digital LLC, an innovative IT company specializing in cloud solutions for the automation of logistics operations.

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Frequently asked questions

Short video to get started
How to register in the system?
What if I haven't received the link to activate my account?

Please check SPAM folder of your mailbox and check the box "NOT SPAM".

How to set up the system?
  • Create an organization: enter the name of your organization, carrier, supplier, distribution center, store.
  • Enter the points of departure and destination (by the names of the points, the program will determine the coordinates of the transportations loaded into the system).
  • Create a file with transportations to upload in the system or enter the transportation info manually
  • Give to your driver the transportation number. When he is 500 meters from the point, on the website he will see “I have arrived” button, by pressing it, he will tell you the exact date and time of arrival at the point.
  • To make it easier for you to do this, we have prepared video instructions for you:
How to create an organization?
What are the types of organizations?
  • The master organization is you.
  • The DC is your distribution center; it receives and dispatches goods to stores.
  • Supplier's DC - from here the goods come to you at the DC and to the store.
  • The store is your client, receives the goods.
  • Carrier - provides you with transportation services from the DC and DC of the supplier.
  • Supplier - sells you goods, delivers them to your DC and to the store.
  • If I am a freight forwarder, what organizations should I start? Your carrier, and your customer (Store).
How to create departure or destination points?
What are the types of points?
  • The store is just the destination, your customer.
  • DC is both a destination and a departure point.
  • The supplier's DC is the point of departure.
How do I upload a transportation?
How can a driver check in?
How to mark the departure of a truck and give quality stars?
What can an administrator do?
The driver cannot mark the arrival (shows a distance of 7000 km), what should I do?
  • Before entering the site, the driver must enable geolocation on his smartphone and allow the site to access the coordinates.
  • Geolocation is disabled or there is no permission to access the coordinates - it is impossible to check in.
  • To return permission to use coordinates to - please use the instructions for your smartphone.
How do I register a new user?
What rights do users have?
  • Master administrator - e-mail under which you connected to the system. Now everything you have done in the system is sticked to this account. The rest of the user does not differ from the administrator (see below).
  • Administrator - can load and delete transportations, change dates, change statuses and much more. Give administrator status only to reliable people!
  • Read-only administrator - sees everything, cannot change anything (convenient for the boss :).
  • DC - sees only its own transportations, enters the time of departure of trucks, evaluates suppliers and carriers.
  • Store - sees the points of his transportations, marks the departure and gives rating stars.
  • Carrier - he sees only his transportations, he cannot fix anything.
  • Supplier - he sees only his transportations, he cannot fix anything.
  • Driver (created automatically when the transportation is created) - can only check in upon arrival at the point (provided that it is no further than 500 meters from the point according to the geolocation of his smartphone).
I registered a new user (administrator), but he does not see my points, organizations, flights. What to do?

Most likely, you have registered a new user by clicking “Connect for free” on the main page of website? If yes, then you created another work environment (in other words, another company), now under a new master name. Please contact the technical support service, which will transfer the new user to your work environment, assigning him the required status.

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